About Us

About Us

At Novaspect,our Core Purpose is to improve our customer's performance through the innovative application of technology.We do this by engineering,selling and servicing industrial 亚博体育电竞process controls.That is what we do,but we are very proud of how we do this because we work hard to build customer relationships,we are passionate at creating effective 亚博体育电竞processes,we position ourselves to attract the best talent,and ensure we are delivering local services with proven technologies.

Our employees and culture are the keys to our success.We offer an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP),so each of our employees is a partial owner of the company.The purpose of the ESOP is to reward eligible employees for long and loyal service to the Company and provide them with an incentive to increase their productivity with an ownership interest in the Company and with retirement benefits.

We work to provide the experience,training,organization and culture to allow careers to thrive.We are proud to offer what we think is the best employment opportunity in the 亚博体育电竞process control and valve ryabo 48.appepair industries.

To provide our local services,Novaspect has people,resources and facilities throughout the upper midwest,reaching from Northern Indiana through Illinois,Wisconsin,Upper Peninsula Michigan,Minnesota,North and South Dakota.Some of these facilities include our Midwest Valve Services subsidiary which offers comprehensive valve repair services.They are all part of our Core Purpose aiming to improve our customer's performance through the innovative application of technology.

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